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Premiere Schedule Ensemble

In the gardens or lysistrata part 2

Play by Sibylle Berg after Aristophanes

Recommended ages: 12 and above

Sex means war. In the play «Lysistrata», first staged by Aristophanes himself in 411 B.C., the battle of the sexes simmers alongside the war between Sparta and Athens. It is a power struggle conducted militantly on both sides. The women use all their female seductive arts and torture the men by withholding sex to try to enforce peace: a sexualised retaliatory strike in response to war and patriarchy.

The Zurich-based dramatist Sibylle Berg, one of the best-known contemporary German writers has taken this ancient material and written a sequel for Theater Basel in her own incisive and humorous language: «In the Gardens or Lysistrata Part 2».

Women want love, men want sex. Both sexes are driven by an obsessive mania to get what they want. While women attempt to compensate for their apparent deficits with beauty, consideration and lack of ambition, the men prepare to be powerful, strong, superior players. Gender as masquerade! But why fight a system that has worked since time immemorial? Why dismantle the roles that provide some orientation? The battle of the sexes continues to rumble through Berg’s «Lysistrata». But that was then. When men were still allowed to make compliments and women looked up to their rescuers: their rescuers from feeling incomplete and not being a mother. Now – insecure because of the emancipation of women and tired of ruling the world – men have gone on strike: sex is withheld as revenge for feeling inferior. By abolishing the old system and banning heterosexual sex they save the world. Women are in power, they invent a sex toy that fully satisfies them sexually and finally peace breaks out. A biting plea for equal rights and against prescribed roles, which is as contemporary as they come.

The world premiere will be directed by the Serbian director Miloš Lolić, who will be familiar to Basel audiences from his Swiss premieres of Biljana Srbljanović’s «Locusts» and Roland Schimmelpfennig’s «Idomeneus».

Preisstufe 4 (von 30.– bis 60.–)


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