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Premiere Schedule Ensemble


Premiere Schedule Ensemble

A bell for Ursli

Family opera by Marius Felix Lange
World premiere / Comissioned work,World premiere / Comissioned work

Family opera by Marius Felix Lange based on the «Engadine Trilogy» by Selina Chönz and Alois Carigiet. Libretto by the composer.

A little village lies peacefully covered in snow high up in the Swiss mountains. But not for long! Because Chalandamarz will soon be here and the children are waiting impatiently to drive winter away with the sound of loud bells. However, Ursli’s feverish excitement turns into deep despondency when everyone laughs at him being given the smallest of all the goat bells. He determinedly makes his way to the lonely Maiensässhütte to fetch the largest of the cow bells. However, the steep path that leads there is a dangerous one and when Flurina also sets off into the snow and ice to look for her brother, the adventure takes a more serious turn. «A Bell for Ursli», «Flurina and the Wild Bird», «The Snowstorm» – the magical picture book world of Alois Carigiet and Selina Chönz has been enchanting children and adults alike for generations. At Christmas time the fairy tales about Switzerland’s most famous brother and sister will be brought to life on stage as an opera for families by the composer Marius Felix Lange, one of the most-performed and successful composers of operas for young people. With catchy melodies that show both sensitivity and a great deal of warmth ensemble members and young people from Basel will tell the story of two young people who are brave and undeterred in finding their place in the world. The world premiere at Theater Basel will be directed by the versatile young Basel director Tim Jentzen. The conductor is the Australian conductor, pianist, and Director of the opera studio OperAvenir at Theater Basel Stephen Delaney.

Theaterverein Basel will give all children and young people up to the age of 12 years one entry ticket to «A Bell for Ursli». School performances are not included.

Preisstufe 3 (von 30.– bis 50.–)